We are excited to introduce our new Standout Student!

    It is always special to recognize the great students we have in our district working diligently inside and outside the classroom to make Henry County the best it can be.

    Henry County Schools is pleased to recognize Lyla Bright as a Standout Student in our district and we’d like you to know more about her!

    Name: Lyla Bright
    School: Flippen Elementary
    Grade: 3rd
    Principal: Toni L. M. Obenauf, Ed. D

    Principal Obenauf shared this about Lyla  :

    Lyla Bright is a one-of-kind student.  She is a precocious and extremely sweet child.  When you need the truth or for a student to tell you what happened precisely, Lyla is your girl.  She is the young girl who aids special education students when they need help in class.  She speaks up to the injustices done by others.  She is apologetic if she has done wrong (even if it was done by mistake) and will go above and beyond to make it up to you.  When others are sick, she becomes the class nurse by giving hugs and affection.  Lyla Bright’s personality lights up the room and everyone loves her!  She definitely deserves to be our unsung hero.