Henry County Schools is excited to recognize another Exceptional Educator in our district and we’d like you to know more about her!

    Name: Mrs. Shenique McLeod
    School: Smith Barnes Elementary School 
    Position: 4th Grade Teacher
    Principal: Dr. Carolyn Flemister-Bell

    Principal Flemister-Bell shared this about Shenique:

    "First year teacher at Smith-Barnes Elementary School and making an impact on student learning. She is a “quiet storm”, but making learning happen in her classroom. She frequently monitors student progress to ensure that they are making growth and has a model co-teaching setting in her classroom. She ensures that students are grouped according to recent data. Ms. McLeod sits back and observes, but asks questions when she is not sure of something. You may be saying that this is what is expected of all teachers, It Is, but she stands out because it is consistent and not “hit or miss”. She challenges even the lowest performing students to reach their fullest potential frequently in small group settings as needed. Her classroom is interactive and students are always able to share their learning targets as well as why they are learning specific objectives."