We are excited to introduce our new Standout Student who attends Woodland High School and is making a big impact. Get to know more about JeCarla Davis!

    Name: JeCarla Davis
    School: Woodland High School
    Grade: 10th
    Principal: Dr. Shannon Ellis

    Principal Ellis shared this about JeCarla :

    "JeCarla Davis is a stand up student at Woodland High School. Even though this is her first year with us, she has made her positive impact known daily. She serves as a peer mentor for several freshmen students and is always asking if there is any other students that she can help academically or otherwise. JeCarla can and will make friends with just about any student we have here at Woodland and makes sure that all students feel welcome regardless of grade level, background, or any other factors. She is involved in several programs at our school including the ambassadors, chorus, drama, and our Pack Angles dance team. JeCarla is an amazing and humble young lady who adds a tremendous amount of positivity and spirit to our school, and we are thrilled to have her as a member of our pack!"