We are excited to introduce our new Standout Student!
    Henry County Schools is pleased to recognize Seth Majors at EXCEL Academy as a Standout Student in our district and we’d like you to know more about him!

    Name: Seth Majors
    School: EXCEL Academy
    Grade: 6th
    Principal: Dr. Kimberly Anderson

    Principal Anderson shared this about Seth :
    Seth Majors is a stand up student at EXCEL Academy. Although our students come and go quickly, you would think that one would not get a chance to bond with a student. But, this is not the case with Seth. He is a loving, respectful, kind-natured student who displays respect towards both the faculty and peers. He also serves as a positive influence on others, a leader. We are glad to have had the opportunity to meet Seth, his impression will stay with us long after he is gone. The middle school teachers enjoy working with him!