It's time to share another Educator who is impacting the lives of students each day. Jill Crowgey in EXCEL Academy was named an Exceptional Educator and we’d like you to know more about her!

    Name: Jill Crowgey
    School: EXCEL Academy 
    Position: ESE Teacher
    Principal: Dr. Kimberly Anderson
    Principal Anderson shared this about Jill:

    Ms. Jill Crowgey is an experienced, 20 year veteran teacher who brings a wealth of knowledge and positive energy to the entire school. She loves to take new educators under her wing to help them fly. She works with any student that is presented to her, without question or complaint. Further, she knows how to build relationships with peers, students and families. She is such a joy to have at EXCEL Academy. She does not work for recognition nor praise, but is still a silent hero for many students around here that do not have a voice. Any principal would be lucky to have her on staff, but I get to be the lucky one today. Kudos to Ms. Crowgey, a ball of energy who spread that energy everywhere she goes!