We are excited to introduce another Standout Student!
    Henry County Schools is pleased to recognize Alyssa Wimberly as a Standout Student in our district and we’d like you to know more about her!

    Name: Alyssa Wimberly
    School: Stockbridge Elementary School
    Grade: 3rd
    Principal: Ms. Cynthia Jewell
    Principal Jewell shared this about Alyssa :

    Alyssa is truly an astounding girl and is quite the humanitarian. She is a leader in the classroom and is always willing to lend a helping hand to her peers. She is also very active in the community from volunteering at nursing homes and local memory care facilities, to pitching in at local food banks, to taking initiative starting a recycling club with her Brownie Girl Scout Troop. She thrives the most when helping her community, whether it is cleaning up a state park or local park, there is not too much she has not done and all with a smile. 
    Additionally, she likes to find ways to care for people even in small ways, like seeing someone asking for food outside of a store and going in and buying them something to eat or donating to them. It breaks her heart when she does not have any cash to assist others in times of need. Alyssa truly has a heart of gold. She will replace negative with positive and sees the good in people. One thing is for certain Alyssa has never met a stranger and she is sure to brighten your day.