Henry County Schools is pleased to recognize Annemarie Moore as our Exceptional Educator in our district and we’d like you to know more about her!

    Name: Annemarie Moore
    School: Stockbridge Elementary School 
    Position: School Bookkeeper
    Principal: Ms. Cynthia Jewell
    Principal Jewell shared this about Annemarie:

    Annemarie Moore is the bookkeeper at SES, but she does so much more than ensure the records are accurate. SES would truly be lost without Ms. Moore. She can plan a school event, run the front office, and keep the books all before most people wake up in the morning. She knows the answer to your questions (sometimes before you can ask it) and has a solution for every problem. She knows our school inside and out as she was parent here first, then volunteer and now bookkeeper. 

    Annemarie is the HEART of SES! She makes the school a warmer place by making sure it is running and looking good! Her creativity and innovative thinking is unmatched! She is a true asset to the entire building.

    Annemarie is a creative genius! She knows how to transform environments that excite children and adults. Annemarie has high expectations and intentionally plans for success in all she does. There aren’t enough Thank You in the world to show our appreciation for Ms. Moore.