Henry County Schools is pleased to recognize Dawn Headley as our Exceptional Educator in our district and we’d like you to know more about her!

    Name: Dawn Headley
    School: Walnut Creek Elementary School
    Position: 3rd Grade Classroom Teacher
    Principal: Mr. Fred Latschar 

    Principal Latschar shared this about Dawn:
    Mrs. Headley creates a classroom where students can navigate the curriculum with success. She creates relevant learning moments in her classroom while making it fun with the Henry County Teaching and Learning Standards. Students are always actively engaged in learning tasks with a high level of rigor. She approaches life with a positive attitude, which is felt by everyone who interacts with her. When you walk into her third grade classroom you feel like family. This sense of community allows students to be risk takers and not be afraid to try something challenging. She is a wonderful asset to Henry County and Walnut Creek Elementary.