Henry County Schools is pleased to recognize Brooklyn Veliz as a Standout Student in our district and we’d like you to know more about her!

    Name: Brooklyn Veliz
    School: Locust Grove Middle School
    Grade: 6th Grade 
    Principal: Mr. Kevin Van Tone

    Principal Van Tone shared this about Brooklyn: 
    Brooklyn is a leader but is also eager to help others. 
    Brooklyn works with Mr. Thomas’ MID classroom several times a week during connections. She also works with ESE students in the classroom. 
    When she completes her work, she will sit with struggling students and read with them or be their scribe if they struggle with handwriting. 
    Brooklyn is an advocate for her learning but she also advocates for others. She asks questions clarifying questions, during class for herself and for others. Just this morning, one very shy student, was nervous to ask for another homework sheet because she lost hers. Brooklyn came to me on her behalf and asked for a new sheet. Brooklyn is fierce, she is kind, she is compassionate, she is a leader, is an example for all students.