Henry County Schools is pleased to recognize Francisco Rodriguez as a Standout Student in our district and we’d like you to know more about him!

    Name: Francisco Rodriguez
    School: Walnut Creek Elementary School
    Grade: 5
    Principal: Mr. Fred Latschar

    Principal Latschar shared this about Francisco:
    Francisco is a 5th grade student at Walnut Creek. Francisco is an exceptional student that is very responsible, motivated, and passionate student. He comes to school every day with a smile, an excitement for learning, and a dedication for going beyond the scope of expectations inside and outside of the classroom. Francisco is a model student who sets positive examples for his peers. He is an inspiration to his peers by his ability to focus along with his work ethic. Francisco has participated in several school and county events. He is a school and classroom ambassador. He recently won first place in the 4H Cloverleaf Achievement Project. Francisco is a model student who will continue to excel academically and socially.