Henry County Schools is pleased to recognize Christopher Bailey as a Standout Student in our district and we’d like you to know more about him!

    Name: Christopher Bailey
    School: New Hope Elementary
    Grade: 5th
    Principal: Micki Foster

    Principal Foster shared this about Christopher:
    Christopher is now a 5th grader at New Hope. He is such a kind kid and is willing to work with anyone. Over the years, he has grown tremendously both academically and behaviorally. In class, he works very hard, especially in small groups. He is eager to participate in class discussions and makes sure to ask clarifying questions if he does not understand something. When he faces a struggle, he works hard to overcome the challenge and never gives up. Recently, he discovered some new information about a previous WWII unit and he was so excited about what he learned that he wrote it down on a note card and brought it in to share the next morning. Christopher’s teacher, Ms. Shearouse, said, “I love having Christopher in my class because he has such an enthusiasm for life and he makes me smile every day.”