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    I am the Donut Queen, Joi A. Raushan. I was born in the mystical land of Macon, GA

    and attended the "oldest and best" college in the world, Wesleyan College, which is also in Macon.

    There, I received my bachelor's degree with honors in 2018. Afterwards, I moved to Henry County

    and began my reign as a fourth grade teacher at Red Oak Elementary. Now I am teaching first grade!


    Some of my favorite things to eat are Chick-fil-A, ice cream, pineapples, chocolate,

    skittles, and donuts. I LOVE the color pink! If I had to choose my

    most favorite drink... it would be sweet tea.


    Need to reach me?

    Class Dojo or by email (joi.raushan@henry.k12.ga.us)

    Quiet Hours are from 4:30 pm - 6:30 am