• First in Math   

    Practice your math facts, work on your problem solving skills, and earn stars while you do it!


    Create a Graph


    You need to collect data on things at home like forks and spoons or sort the laundry into pants, shirts, and socks. Enter the data you collected into this program and it will create the graph for you! Give it a try! Be creative! Print a copy of the graph and bring your data in for me to see what you have sorted and graphed.




    Practice Your First Grade Skills

    You may select any math skill that is listed on this sight! Be sure to do your best!!! 




    Timed Math Facts

    Practice your addition and subtraction math facts on a timed test. Print of your certificate and bring it in to show me when you finish!




    Timed Addition Math Facts

    Get ready to show off your addition math fact skills! How many addition facts can you get correct in one minute? Good Luck!!!