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          I am Devon Meachum and it is a pleasure to meet you. There is no place like Eagles Landings High School. We exude excellence in academics, althetics, and behavior. This is going on my second year teaching at The Landing, and I am enjoying my time here. I teach World Literature and Composition and Honors World Literature and Composition. English has always been my favorite course in school, even though I did not really enjoy reading until I got into high school. I was originally born in Raleigh, NC; however at the age of 3, I moved to Atlanta and was raised there until the age of 12. At 12, my mom and I moved to Hawaii with my stepdad, who was in the military. Then at the age of 15, I moved to Germany, where I graduated high school. Although I do not speak multiple languages fluently, I have explored 10 different countries. The different countries were cool, but Georgia is always home. What fuels me in life is my faith in Christ and fulfilling His will for my life. It is a pleasure meeting everyone and I wish you well on your future endeavors.