• Welcome to LMS 7th Grade Business and Technology Education

    Instructor: Mrs. Tnisha Hill

    Email: tnisha.hill@henry.k12.ga.us

    Phone: (716) 404-9465

    Location: Connection Hallway


    Using project based instruction; students are introduced to the principles of business in the 21st century while refreshing their keyboarding skills. This course should also help students to use computers effectively in their lives, thus providing a connection of computer science and business careers. In this course, middle school students build a knowledge base of computer applications, information systems, internet safety, 21st century skills, and business and computer science careers of the 21st century.

    Exposure to networking and programming will also be important threads in this course.


     7A Google Classroom - a76n54i

    7B Google Classroom - 6kn4bwc


    Items students need for this course:

    Henry County issued chromebook



    Below is a link  to the syllabus. Please review it will your students so that they will know expectations and consequences. 

    7th Grade A/B Syllabus


    This page will keep the student as well as the parent informed on matters of the classroom throughout the school year.


    This will be an Exceptional year!