• Is your child ready to "Nguyen"? Well they are in luck because Mr. Nguyen is here and he is all about winning! Yes, that is how you pronounce my last name and if you ever forget just think of this slogan "For the Win" because that is all your students will be doing when they are shining in my classroom! 

    It's time for a fresh year at Timber Ridge Elementary! Many of your are probably wondering why I said fresh? If so, it is because this will be my very first year teaching! However, do not be alarmed because what I lack in experience, I make up with endless energy and enthusiasm. My name is Minh Nguyen, and I recently graduated this past spring from the University of Georgia with an undergraduate and master's degree in education. Thus, you can only imagine how excited I am to be starting this school year with your 4th grader in my class. 

    Your fourth grader is in for a challenging year of learning because I have high expectations for them. There will be times when topics come easy, so rather than allowing them to be content with that they already know, I will ensure that they are constantly challenged in order to maximize their learning potential. Hence, it will be important that we work together to understand your student's strengths and weaknesses to guarantee their success! 

    Moreover, in the mix of all this learning, I aim to make sure all their experiences in my classroom are truly unique, yet meaningful. I intend to do this by reaching into my background in sports. I was a duel undergraduate at the University of Georgia having also received a degree in Mass Media Arts, specializing in sports media. Thus, I plan to incorporate my love for sports in my classroom environment and instruction. Fair warning, expect tons of high energy and opportunites to be active in order to make it a truly unforgettable year of exceptional learning. 

    Being that I am a fourth grade teacher, it's only natural that I leave you all with a lasting pun. I am truly "FOUR" unate to be teaching your child this year and look forward to working with you throughout the entire school year.