• Henry's Plan of Action

    Henry’s Plan of Action to Ensure a High Performing School District

    The Henry County Board of Education sets forth in this document our agreed-upon Plan of Action for the purpose of creating and sustaining a high performing school district that educates all children to high standards and prepares the whole child to be a healthy and active contributor to impact a global community.  Henry’s Plan of Action is built on the premise that the core purpose and responsibility of HCS is student learning; and Henry County Schools is accountable for improving student achievement for each student and every school.

    The Board of Education has agreed that the Plan of Action be built upon the following shared core beliefs:

    • Each student can learn at or above grade level and should have equal opportunity to do so.
    • Family and community involvement is critical to student success.
    • All learning environments shall be supportive, safe, and secure.  
    • Effective teachers, leaders, and employees produce excellent results.

    Henry’s Plan of Action includes an aligned system of teaching and learning, a system of accountability, and a framework for continuous improvement designed to balance consistency of practice throughout the district with local school pride.  Through Henry’s Plan of Action, the Board of Education will drive goals, policies, strategic planning, and budget development aimed at ensuring academic rigor and improved student learning outcomes for all students.  It is designed to encourage idea generation and community conversation around the core business of Henry County Schools and serves as the Board of Education’s commitment to ensuring every student has access to a high quality education.

    Aligned System of Teaching and Learning

    Henry’s Plan of Action will ensure that every student at every school has access to a high-quality education by articulating a comprehensive system of teaching and learning.

    1. Teaching & Learning Standards – Henry’s Plan of Action begins with rigorous and well-defined district standards (Henry Teaching & Learning Standards).  The standards are aligned to state-adopted standards for every grade level, content area, specialized program, and course.  Additional local standards that extend above and beyond state requirements will be expected and articulated as necessary.
    2. Balanced Instructional Framework – Henry’s Plan of Action calls for a balanced approach to teaching and learning that balances foundational skills (i.e. computation, phonics, spelling, vocabulary, and handwriting) with high-level thinking and problem-solving skills (i.e. authentic real-world connections, application, evaluation, and oral and written communication).  The Balanced Instructional Framework serves as a guide for teacher planning, use of instructional time, professional learning, and resource acquisition.
    3. Resources – Henry’s Plan of Action pledges that teachers and students have equitable access to aligned core resources.
    4. Balanced Assessment System – Henry’s Plan of Action includes purposeful, district-wide, diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments for the purpose of monitoring learning and informing instruction.
    5. Personalized Learning and Targeted Instruction – All students will be supported in reaching personal and ambitious learning goals aligned with Henry’s Plan of Action.
    6. Instructional Interventions – Henry’s Plan of Action requires timely interventions be delivered at the classroom (Tier 1) level. 

    Henry’s Plan of Action does not direct the instructional strategies of teachers nor does it direct a specific school leadership strategy.  It is the intention of the Board of Education that teachers be provided on-going professional development and given maximum flexibility to teach according to their students’ needs, their professional skill and talent, and best professional judgement while staying consistent with Henry’s Plan of Action and high levels of student achievement.  It is also the intention of the Board of Education that school leaders be provided guidance and continuous professional development to lead instruction, operations, and school improvement efforts consistent with the aligned system of teaching and learning and high levels of student achievement.

    System of Accountability

    Henry’s Plan of Action will foster a culture of high performance and drive an accountability system—with support—that holds all district divisions, district departments, and schools to desired outcomes.  With community input, the Superintendent is to determine and communicate key performance indicators for district divisions, district departments, and schools.

    A Framework for Continuous Improvement

    It is the expectation of the Board of Education that all district systems are aligned with Henry’s Plan of Action in order to provide the framework for improving student achievement in HCS.  The Superintendent is to outline systematic cycles of continuous improvement for all aspects of the organization that incorporates employee, parent, and community perspectives as appropriate.

    Change Leadership and Management

    The Board of Education is committed to Henry’s Plan of Action to provide a stable and sustainable framework for improving student achievement in Henry County Schools.  As such, the Superintendent is responsible for communicating, implementing, and monitoring the details of Henry’s Plan of Action.  The Board of Education expects the Superintendent to define district and school autonomy by aligning all systems, policies, practices, and budget recommendations around the principles of Henry’s Plan of Action and to provide periodic updates to the Board of Education and community.  Reflection and refinement of Henry’s Plan of Action may be necessary over time.  The Board commits to periodic points of reflection and to communicate to the community and future board members to maintain a clear Plan of Action to guide improvement in student achievement for Henry County Schools.