Dr. Malik Douglas, Principal

  • Mdouglas  Dear Eagle's Landing Middle School Family,

    The end of the 2019-2020 school year challenged our students, staff and the community to find a new normal of learning, connectivity and for our Eagles' to continue to soar. Since March 13th, I have learned to appreciate the expertise of our teachers, the hard work for all students to continue to grow and achieve and the small parts of school that have the biggest impacts - giving a high five to a student, a hug, or being able to have a conversation face to face and share a laugh. What I appreciate the most about of Eagle's is that despite the circumstances we have endured and experienced, we are still a community that support and care for the teaching and learning of all students. 

    The start of the 2020-2021 school year may not be "normal," but the exceptional teaching and learning must and will continue for all students. We cannot wait or delay the learning process for any of our students and all new and returning students will be welcomed at ELMS, either socially distanced or remotely. It will be our goal to find the new normal and to use these learning experiences to continue to promote the growth and development of our students. 

    Eagle's Landing Middle School is committed to maintaining the highest academic standards (in person or remotely) and will ensure that there will be no shortages of opportunities for all students to feel challenged on a daily basis and have every opportunity to be connected to their school. It is our ultimate goal and mission to make sure every student know that they are supported in all aspect of the school day and they will have an ELMS Eagle that will Soar with them every day. 

    As I reflect on our year ahead, the book "Soup" by Jon Gordon comes to mind. Each of us contributes ingredients to the "soup" - what "flavors" will you add to the pot? Our theme for the year is simply "BE". Will you Be kind, Be Thoughtful, Be committed, Be consistent, Be persistent, Be flexible, etc...? I ask that each of you reflect on the ingredients you bring to Eagle's Landing, as we begin the new school year. Our school community is a reflection of the quality of ingredients, as well as the love and energy we put into stirring the pot. A committed team of students, staff and stakeholders, will ensure Eagle's Landing Middle School Soar to the highest levels and as a school we will stand out as a lighthouse to our community and the best school in Henry County School System. 


    Malik Douglas, Ed.D.


Last Modified on July 7, 2020