• How can I help my child with reading?

         Children learn to read in grades K-2 and read to learn in grades 3-5.  Our goal is to help your child master the fundamentals of reading in the primary grades so that he/she will be able to do more independent learning in 3rd grade and beyond.
         Here are some of the secrets of good readers:
    1. They listen to experienced readers (parents and teachers) read aloud daily.
    2. They read aloud to an experienced reader daily.
    3. They read by themselves for a few minutes per day.
    4. They ask for help when they find an unfamiliar word in a story.
    5. They understand what they read because the book is on their level.
    6. They make a mental picture (a mind movie) of what is happening in the story.
    7. They are able to tell what the story was about at the beginning, middle, and end.
    8. They are able to tell about the characters and what they are like.
    9. They can describe the main events and problems in the story. 
    10. They enjoy finding a great book to read and love sharing it with others.
         Students should read for 30 minutes each night.  I suggest taking the first 15 minutes to listen to your child read aloud.  Ask questions about the story every once in a while instead of waiting until he/she is finished reading.  Let your child tell you about his/her favorite part of the story and what he/she thinks will happen next.  The last 15 minutes can be devoted to your child reading silently on his/her own.  Don't forget to read aloud one chapter from a chapter book each night before bedtime.  This chapter book can be a book that is above his/her reading level since you will be reading it.  Most importantly, choose a book that you two will love and will look forward to reading every night.