• How can I help my child with math?

         The children who have the most success with math are those who:
    • use math daily in real-life situations such as cooking, counting money to pay for their own purchases, etc.
    • understand that math is based on patterns
    • have basic addition and subtraction facts memorized and can recall this information quickly
    • practice problems over and over again until they have memorized all the steps in solving that type of problem
    • understand math vocabulary words such as sum, difference, etc.
    • read story problems carefully and can choose the important information that they will need in order to solve the problem
    • find many different ways to solve the same problem
    • ask questions if something doesn't make sense
         I suggest that you make addition/subtraction flashcards a daily routine so that the math facts become second nature to your child.  Your child can practice with the flashcards by himself/herself in the car and with you at home.  Those students who have the addition/subtraction facts memorized already have a definite advantage when learning new skills!