• No. 2 pencils

    1-pack of glue sticks

    Crayola crayons/Crayola colored pencils

    1-soft pencil pouch

    8 marbled black & white wide rule composition journals (no plastic covered journals please )


    earbuds for student computers

    *1 individually wrapped paper towel roll

    *Kleenex tissue

    index cards

    wide-rule notebook paper

    yellow highlighters w/chiseled tip

    *Lysol Wipes & liquid soap 


    *Expo markers (2 packs of 4)

    2-plastic 3-prong folders

    1-ream of copy paper

    *$2 donation for the FVE agenda

    4 novels:

    Restart by Gordon Korman


    I Survived the Attacks of September 11, 2001 by Lauren Tarshis

    Ungifted by Gordon Korman


    *The last novel  - TBD

     *Please donate to the class community. Thank you. You are appreciated!