• Conducting Research in Henry County Schools


    COVID-19 Update to the Research Approval Process for External Research Requests

    During this unprecedented time and the COVID-19 pandemic, Henry County Schools is currently focused on a safe & supportive return to school. Although we are still accepting research applications, reviews may be delayed. Research proposals that require recruitment or data collection from HCS staff, students, or parents may not be approved until the school system returns to normal operating status. HCS employees should consider submitting research that is aligned with their current job responsibilities and that will provide data to improve their own processes, procedures, and actions.

  • Conducting Research in Henry County Schools


    Internal and external researchers wishing to conduct research in Henry County Schools (HCS) must submit an electronic application and receive written approval from the Research and Grants Office prior to beginning any research. Each application is carefully reviewed by a committee consisting of District and School Performance staff as well as District personnel in the area of the individual research application. Please review the Research Application due dates and expected response time to ensure you are allowing enough time for approval of your study.


    All research conducted in Henry County Schools must meet these guidelines:

    • protect the rights and privacy of students, families, and employees;
    • respect instructional time without being detrimental to student learning;
    • support continuous school system improvement goals; and
    • align with our Core Beliefs and Commitments, Plan of Action, and/or Strategic Priorities.



    Conducting Research as a Requirement for Course Completetion, Thesis or Dissertation



    • Applicants seeking to conduct research as a requirement for a graduate course, master's thesis or doctoral dissertation, should complete the electronic Application to Conduct Research.
    • If research will be conducted within a school, the school's Principal approval will be a part of the application review process.  The District & School Performance Department will spearhead any Principal approval based on the requestor's identified schools.
    • A preview of the application (PDF Format) can be used as a resourced for drafting responses before submitting online.  An application should be completed in one setting.  A requestor will be unable to save portions for later and will not be able to return to the application.
    • Only complete applications will be processed for review.
    • All applicable documents are below.


    Conducting Research in Henry


    Publicly Available Data

    View information that is publicly available and does not require a research application in the Research Toolkit.

    Application Submission Window for District Approval 
    Application Received by

    Response Provided by

    June 30


    September 1

    July 31


    October 1

    August 31


    November 1

    September 30


    December 1

    October 31


    January 15

    November 30


    February 15

    December 15


    March 1

    January 31


    April 15

    February 28


    May 7

    March 30


    June 1

    April 30 


    July 1

    May 31


    August 1


    State and Local Policies

    Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment



    For additional questions, contact the District and School Performance Department via email at Research and Grants or via phone at 770-957-6547.
 Dr. Emily Klein



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Dr. Emily Klein

Director  |  Performance Analytics & Research
emily.klein@henry.k12.ga.us  |  770.957.6547

Administrative Assistant  |  Donna Moss
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 Alison Norsworthy



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Alison Norsworthy

Facilitator  |  Research & Grants
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