• Conducting Research in Henry County Schools


    The District & School Performance Department invites educational research that produces evidence-based, relevant, and accurate information. We review requests on a case-by-case basis to ensure the protection and privacy of our students, employees, and community.


    All research conducted in Henry County Schools must meet these guidelines:

    • protect the rights and privacy of students, families, and employees;
    • respect instructional time without being detrimental to student learning;
    • support continuous school system improvement goals; and
    • align with our Core Beliefs and Commitments, Plan of Action, and/or Strategic Priorities.



    Conducting Research as a Requirement for Course Completetion, Thesis or Dissertation



    • Applicants seeking to conduct research as a requirement for a graduate course, master's thesis or doctoral dissertation, should complete the electronic Application to Conduct Research.
    • If research will be conducted within a school, the school's Principal approval will be a part of the application review process.  The District & School Performance Department will spearhead any Principal approval based on the requestor's identified schools.
    • A preview of the application (PDF Format) can be used as a resourced for drafting responses before submitting online.  An application should be completed in one setting.  A requestor will be unable to save portions for later and will not be able to return to the application.
    • Only complete applications will be processed for review.
    • All applicable documents are below.



    Publicly Available Data

    View information that is publicly available and does not require a research application in the Research Toolkit.

    Application Submission Window for District Approval 
    Application Received by

    Response Provided by

    June 30


    September 1

    July 31


    October 1

    August 31


    November 1

    September 30


    December 1

    October 31


    January 15

    November 30


    February 15

    December 15


    March 1

    January 31


    April 15

    February 28


    May 7

    March 30


    June 1

    April 30 


    July 1

    May 31


    August 1


    State and Local Policies

    Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment



    For additional questions, contact the District and School Performance Department via email at Research and Grants or via phone at 770-957-6547.