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    HOPE Eligible Institutions



    *Regular HOPE (Partial Tuition):  3.0 HOPE GPA

    *Zell Miller Scholarship (Full Tuition):  3.7 HOPE GPA and ACT Composite-26 or SAT Combined Verbal & Math-1200

    *Must meet minimum 4 course rigor requirement for either Regular HOPE or Zell Miller Scholarship.

    Please be reminded that the GPA data recorded on school transcripts is NOT a HOPE GPA.  The HOPE GPA must be accessed through the Gafutures.org website.  For additional details, you can go to your Gafutures.org account - & note the “Short Cut” section on the right side. 

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    HOPE Scholarship Program Information


    HOPE Scholarship Brochure


Last Modified on October 24, 2019