Ollie Wooden - Eagle's Landing



Degrees and Certifications:

Ollie Wooden - Eagle's Landing

Name: Ollie Wooden 
School: Eagle’s Landing High School 
Position: In-School Suspension Paraprofessional 
Principal: Gabe Crerie

Principal Crerie shared this about Ollie:

Ollie Wooden is an In-School Suspension Paraprofessional. Ollie always goes above and beyond. He is dependable and can be counted on to be a positive presence in the hallways and bus lane. Beyond serving students in ISS, he steps into the halls every class change, supervising students, helping and reinforcing positive behavior. He is on the spot with bus duty documenting the bus arrivals and supervising the students waiting for late buses. He even made a new bus chart to help students find their buses when our old one was getting run down. The new one is more efficient and Ollie deserves all of the credit. He pleasantly does a job that deals with students being disciplined. He is dependable and a positive role model for kids. Ollie Wooden deserves to be recognized.