Nicole Hand - Rock Spring Elementary



Degrees and Certifications:

Nicole Hand - Rock Spring Elementary

Name: Nicole Hand 
School: Rock Spring Elementary School 
Grade: 5th Grade 
Principal: Tracy Blackburn

Principal Blackburn shared this about Nicole:

Nicole has always shared her love for animals with her peers and the staff here at Rock Spring. Because of her enthusiasm for dogs, she has developed more of an interest in reading and can’t get enough of learning about what she loves the most – animals!

This year Nicole chose to start a fundraiser (for her birthday - instead of having a party) for our local Henry County Sheriff’s Department and their K-9 unit. Through this experience, many of us at Rock Spring learned a lot about safety from the Henry County Sheriff’s K-9 department. Nicole originally wanted to raise money to purchase bulletproof vests for the K-9’s, but she learned that K-9’s actually needed an antidote called Narcan which protects them from actually getting sick due to their dangerous job of sniffing and inhaling dangerous toxins from various drugs. I never thought about K-9’s being at risk for overdosing until Nicole brought this to our attention through her birthday fundraiser. This is why she is a STAND OUT STUDENT.

Nicole is also part of the Positive Behavior Support program at Rock Spring which encourages students to be thoughtful and caring. She’s a ROCK star! At Rock Spring, being a ROCK star means being Responsible, Orderly, Cooperative and Kind.

Congratulations Nicole! We are proud to call you a Rockin’ Roadrunner!