• 2019 Season "Kick-Off" dinner will be held at WHS in the cafeteria from 6:30 to 8:00 in the cafeteria on 2/5. 

    Players are free and we will be ordering Pizza Hut or Dominoes. 

    Everyone else who wants to eat will be $3 to help cover the cost of the food. 

    We look forward to meeting everyone and working with you throughout the season. We ask that every parent participate or volunteer throughout the season, so please think of what you may be able to do before coming.. thanks


    We need:

    JV Girls concessions coordinator and workers (no experience required)

    Fundraising ideas/coordinators  (no experience required)

    Clock Workers  (no experience required)

    Fan Promotions Specialist (no experience required)

    Miscillaneous volunteers to assist with anything (no experience required) 

    Ball runners for all 4 teams (little brothers/sisters/cousins/friends/random kids) 





Last Modified on January 28, 2019