• Group Guidelines and Norms downloadable file


    Walnut Creek Elementary School Women’s Counsel Wednesdays


    Guidelines and Norms for Women’s Counsel Wednesdays:

    1. All BELIEFS are to be treated with RESPECT: We are a judgement free counsel regarding, lifestyle choices, cultural differences, and religious practices.
    2. We are here to be supportive of each other and tolerate only “put ups” of self and others.
    3. Please be mindful that WCW is a female caretaker group and should not be used in place of individual counseling.
    4. For the confidentiality of Walnut Creek Elementary students, parents, community stakeholders and staff, names nor descriptions of appearance will not be used during group counsel sessions.
    5. As participants of WCW, keep in mind our group’s purpose; we will be mindful to be respectful, non-judgmental, and maintain confidentiality of group participants. What is said in the group stays in the group.
    • Exceptions to confidentiality include:
      • Someone is being physically or sexually abused.
      • Someone is in imminent danger to self or others.
      • Information must be shared in court.