• Information About Henry County Flexbooks


    Use the resources below for addditional practice.

    1. 6th Grade Math Flexbook

    The 6th grade math flexbook is necessary to review skills needed to master 7th grade math.

    2. 7th Grade Math Textbook

    Students may use the 7th grade math textbook to review lessons and complete practice pages.

    3. 7th Grade Math Flexbook

    Students may use the 7th grade math flexbook to review and practice in accordance with their personalized learning goals.

    4. 8th Grade Math Flexbook

    5. 8th Grade Math Textbook

    The students in the accelerated math class may use the 8th grade flexbook and 8th grade math textbook to assist in reaching their personalized learning goals.


    Students are required to complete Delta math practice assignments.

    Instructions for logging into Deltamath:

    1. Log unto the Deltamath website.

    2. Use your email and password to create a student account.

    3. You need to get the "Teacher Code" from me.

    4. Log into Deltamath and click only on the assessments that you were asked to complete.

    Link to the Delta Math Website

    IXL Math: IXL allows students to practice daily for free on a limited basis. I am working to enable students to practice on an unlimited basis.