• Hello Everyone!

    With the school district being closed beginning March 16th, 2020 we will need to work together to make sure instruction continues.  If you need to contact me, please do so via email or via class dojo. I will be available during normal school hours for questions or concerns.  During the week, I will be scheduling times to do google meetings for mini lessons and assignments. I will send the link to log in on Dojo and let you know in advance when the meetings will occur.  In addition, I will post several resources for the students on my web page. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions, and I will be happy to help in any way that I can.

    Students should have received  math work and a packet with documents to work on while the district is closed.  Please contact me immediately if you do not have the resources that you need. I will be grading assignments weekly as normal.  Please email completed assignments to me, by Friday. Grades will be updated on Mondays.

    Daily Assignments are described in the link below:

    Digital Learning Weekly Plans


    Digiatal Learning Directions

    Curriculum Schedule:

      • Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Reading, Writing, Art, and Math
      • Tuesday, Friday: Science, Social Studies, PE, and Music
    • Please check the webpage for the following teachers in regards to specials assignments 
      • Art: McBride
      • PE: Smith
      • Music: Kinman

    WEEK OF MARCH 16!!!!!!!
    On Tuesday and Thursday at 11:00 am, I will be hosting google meet (meetings) for face to face check ins and mini lessons on the material.  The link to join the meeting will be posted on the classdojo story, you will need to download the app to participate.  Please do not worry, if a student needs additional support with anything in regards to the curriculum, please let me know, and I will be happy to schedule an individual meeting as needed.  I will also be posting videos of materials, such as mini lessons for the curriculum in the current week, that can be an additional help!

    This week, we will be working on the following items:
    **= graded assignment- all completed assignments should be sent to me on Dojo.  Just take a picture of the assignment and post in a message to me.

                         READING- We sent home several passages with attached questions 

                        ** graded assignment is one reading passage and questions per week 
                         MATH- Problem of the Day

                         ** graded assignment is the problem of the day (5 in all- one each day)  Students will need to show their work for each problem.

                         SOCIAL STUDIES- Goods and Services

                           ** graded assignment is the goods and services journal- Students will draw a good and a service.  They will need to write a sentence to explain why it is a good or a service.   

                         WRITING:  Sentence Corrections

                         ** graded assignment sentence correction sheet

                         PHONICS:  Building Sentences

                         ** graded assignment Pages 174, 176, and 178,

    Some of the materials in the packet are to be cut and glued, however, if you do not have access to scissors and glue, the students can write or draw lines to the correct location. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. 

    Anchor Charts for Additional Support 

    PHONICS: Build Sentences Open Court Workbook pages 174, 176 

    MATH: Problems of the Day 

    Problem of the Day

    SOCIAL STUDIES: Goods and Services

    Good  Service  


    Thanks for all of your support.
    "We are all in this together; Teachers, Parents, Students"


    Mini Lesson Links

    Writing - Sentence Corrections

    Math- Word Problems

    Reading- The Legend of the Leprechaun

    Social Studies- Good and Services

    Academic Links

     www.abcya.com  (click on Kindergarten or 1st grade- the reading games are in the orange section)




    www.abcya.com (click kindergarten and the math games are in the blue section)