• CIP 2018-2019


    Henry County Schools

    Continuous Improvement Planning Process



    This plan will guide your Continuous School Improvement work for the next year or more. The purpose of this document is to develop strategic goals & actions for school improvement based on targeted areas identified by longitudinal data analysis of four key data buckets: Perceptions, Student Learning, School Processes, and Demographics. 


    The school leadership team, led by the principal, should complete this document.  While Assistant Superintendents are working in conjunction with the Learning and Performance Services and Leadership Departments, your Assistant Superintendent is the best resource to help you complete this form.


    It is essential that your work include an alignment of the District Strategic Priorities to the fundamental work that will be accomplished at your school:

    • Unify Henry County around excellence in public education
    • Strengthen our core business of student learning
    • Ensure a high performing environment for all students



    Start with the end in mind.

    • What needs are identified by your data (current and historical)?
    • What do you need to accomplish the learning outcomes you have identified?
    • Have you identified the root cause?


    Goals should be achievement goals to increase student learning.

    • For example, a measurable achievement goal is there will be a 3% increase (based on your school’s specific data) in developing or proficient for all students in mathematics during the 2018 -19 school year.

    All goals should be S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, time-bound).

    Each goal should have metrics associated with it.


    Each achievement goal requires strategic actions to accomplish the goal.  Focus these strategic actions around the professional development activities needed to support full implementation of the goal.  Remember effective professional development includes four components: constructing knowledge, transferring knowledge into practice, to practice teaching, and to promote reflection.



    Cohort 15, 16, 17 and 18 personalized learning schools’ CIP goals and strategies must align with those outlined through the school redesign process and articulated in the School Readiness Criteria (SRC) document.


    Title schools’ plans must align with Title goals and strategies outlined in the Title documents.


    All schools must align with the Henry County strategic priorities of Unify, Strengthen, and Ensure outlined above.