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    Eagle`s Landing Middle School

    The 6th and 7th courses are design for the beginners to learn vocabulary about: House, human body, family, classroom objects, numbers, months, days of the week, weather, seasons, greetings, colors, farewells, basic classroom commands, sports, likes and dislikes, adjectives expressing nationalities and alphabet in Spanish. Some cultural topics, as well as geographic location, of countries that speak Spanish as first language are going to be explored.
    The 8th grade course is design to teach read and write in Spanish, expect more classroom situation where the instructions are (eventually), totally given in Spanish. The students be able to have a considered level of listening and comprehension skills (in Spanish, said or read aloud passages), for at least to identify cultural, historical, geographic location and topography related to the countries that speak Spanish as first language. The course last for 1 school year and Henry County Schools has provided the book “Realidades, level 1 (ISBN# 0-13-101687-3), purple color” for this classes; however, our primary content source will be the program Voces https://www.vocesdigital.com/index.php. Your students will have a login to that site and a student login for their work done there. We also use other applications for electronic flashcards and vocabulary review games such as quizlet https://quizlet.com/latest, and Kahoots https://kahoot.it/.
    Materials: ALL students, 6th, 7th and 8th graders, must have a notebook (or binder) with all the Spanish classroom assignments and notes written on it. We also use flashcards (kept organized with “book rings”) for vocabulary. I suggest that they buy 3x5 cards and cut them in half. These extensively on all the levels. Flashcards are checked each Friday. Be prepared for the class!
    Donations for the class: Kleenex, hand sanitizer, staples, adhesive tapes, lined paper, pencils #2, old magazines (to cut appropriated graphics), bilingual

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