• The information on this page as preciviously been posted to the Team 703 homepage, but has been removed since the dates have passed.

    Beauty and the Beast (posted 1/25/19) Team trip to watch the school play.  Please go to MySchoolBucks.com to pay.

    TEAM 703 – Bodies: The Exhibition Field Trip: The store is now open in MySchoolBucks to pay for the field trip.  The store will close January 28th, so please make sure to pay before that date. (posted 1/25/19)

    Nailed It Challenge - End of Semester Fun!

    Science Fair - Informational Letter (posted 9/7/18)

    Beauty and the Beast Practice Tracks (posted 9/7/18)

    Book Fair! September 10th - 14th (posted 9/7/18)

    Picture retakes will be September 13, 2018. (posted 8/22/18)

    1. When are picture retakes? 13, 2018


    1. Who can retake?  Any student and/or teacher that was absent or had their picture taken and did not like the picture proof they just received.


    1. Which picture will go in the yearbook? The latest picture taken will override any other picture and appear in the yearbook.


    1. When is the due date for the proofs we just received today?  Since it says for all money to come back during Fall break, we have extended the date one week. Money will be due Tuesday Sept. 25th for Pictures. But we encourage on-line payment if possible! (


    1. What should a student/teacher do if they want a picture retake?   The photographer asked that the student/teacher bring the proof back that they didn’t like to the camera on retake day and let the photographer know what they could have done better.  This is not mandatory, but the photographer wants to know the issues so they can do better the next go round J  Students will be called on the morning of 9/13/18 for retakes.   

    Caps for Cure will be Sept. 7 and Sept. 14. Students will pay a $1.00 to wear a cap and all proceeds will be donated to Caps for CURE to help end Childhood Cancer. 

    9/6/18 is the last day for students who made the broadcast or media teams to pick up their paperwork. It is due tomorrow and requires a parent signature.

    Beta Club Permission forms(turn in to the counseling office) and dues due on 9/4 (paid through MySchoolBucks) (posted 8/24/18)

    Beauty and the Beast Tryouts and Information Packet posted 8/22/18

    Jekyll Trip - There are still 14 available spots as of 8/17/18.  Please go to SchoolBucks to reserve your spot and make a payment.  If SchoolBucks will not allow you to reserve a spot please contact Melinda.foster@henry.k12.ga.us. 

    Signs of Suicide (SOS) Prevention Program - SOS Letter explaining "refresher" course. (posted 8/17/18)