• School Counselor

    School counselors are professional educators with significant education in human growth and development, counseling practice and theory, career development, educational practice and theory, group counseling and consultation.

    School counselors partner with parents, the community, and school staff with the goal of helping all students have a positive and successful school experience.  Our primary focus is prevention, and we work to empower all students with positive social skills, self-knowledge, coping skills, and strategies for academic success.

    Reasons to see the Counselor:
    There are many different reasons that a student may need to see the counselor. They include:
    • Problems at home such as divorce or a death in the family
    • To get help with organizational skills, study skills, test taking skills, or time management
    • Learning coping strategies for anxiety
    • Getting help with making and keeping friends
    •  Help with making responsible choices
    • Because they just need to talk to someone
    •  And so much more!

    Counseling Services:
    Everyone needs some help from time to time, and your child’s school counselor is always there to offer support. The counseling services available include:
    • Classroom Curriculum—the counseling program at Luella is able to reach every student through regularly scheduled lessons presented during class. These lessons focus on personal/social development, good work habits, and planning for a successful future.
    •  Individual Counseling—solution focused sessions can be set up for students experiencing problems at home or school that significantly impact their ability to learn.
    • Small Group Counseling—for students who need additional support and would benefit from learning and practicing new skills in a controlled, safe environment.