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Mrs. Nadiya Bobo

Also in our Art Class we will have EXPECTATIONS for good behavior, it will help us greatly to enjoy art to the fullest!!!

Each student has a folder in our art class, where he/she will collect their art work through the school year, and they will bring it home at the end of the school year.  

Also each folder has a behavior sheet glued to it, each day they can earn 8 smileys for good behavior. If the student behavior is good through the school year he/she will join our Crazy Art party at the end of the school year.

How to Earn Crazy Art party

 Art Rules :

What do the color rules mean?

Red –No talking during instruction, testing, and line up to leave. All other times are whisper only.

Yellow – Always raise your hand to ask questions, answer questions, make comments, and get help.

Blue Rule – Use tools correctly and time wisely. Work Hard.

Clean up – Clean up quietly, quickly, and on time.  Follow the directions for clean up.

  • Students are to keep as many smileys as possible by following the above rules of class.  Students are given several reminders when breaking one of the rules.  If they do not comply an X is placed over a smiley in the column in which the rule was broken.
  • A score of 6-8 means the day was still good toward earning a reward activity called “Crazy Art”.  Days with a score of 5 or less meant the student did not follow the rules enough to keep that day.  Loss of too many days means the ticket is no longer valid and unfortunately the student will miss the reward.  

Thank you again for sharing your kids with me!