Tutoring and Retakes

  • 1st Semster:

    7:30-8:10 am Monday-Friday (Student must request 1 day prior for morning tutoring)

    3:20-4:00 pm Monday-Thursday (Friday is also available with prior approval)

    Second Semester:

    Will be the same with exception to days where I have Coaching responsibilities. Availabilty will be annotated on the classroom white board.


    Department tutoring hours: In the event I am not available, we also have department tutoring Monday-Thursday before and after school. These times are posted outside my door.


    Test and Quiz Retakes: 

    The attached instruction sheet must be completed by the student, and signed by the guardian before student can retake a quiz or test. This procedure has been implemented to ensure students come prepared for their retake. Please see attached for retake instructions. Request to Retake Document