Cadets who lose uniform items are required to replace them (at a cost) in a timely manner.  A cadet will incure increased deductions during uniform inspections until item(s) are replaced.  In addition, at the end of the school year, a financial hold will be placed in Infinite Campus until debt is statisfied. 


    Uniform Replacement Cost

    Female Shoes=50.00
    Male Shoes= 48.45
    Female Blue SS Shirt=12.77
    Male Blue SS Shirt=14.60
    Female Pants=42.31
    Male Pants=47.50
    Belt Buckle=4.39
    Blue Name tag=4.30
    Silver Name tag=8.00
    Female Service Coat =102.62
    Male Service Coat=112.65
    Flight Cap=11.00
    Rank Insignia Metal=4.00 per set
    Rank Insignia Cloth=2.00 each
    Tie Tab=8.23
    Sweat Shirt=8.10
    Gray T-shirt=7.20
    Sweat Pants=10.20
    PT Shorts Blue=14.00