Welcome to the Tiger Matrix

  • Welcome to the Tiger Matrix Coding Dojo. The mission is to support young people to learn how to create technology and to encourage collaboration among peers. We welcome all members to the clubs, who are interested in the word of computers. In the Tiger Matrix Coding Dojo, we build projects such as

    • Robots
    • Programs
    • Wearable devices

    Though we are inclusive to everyone, there are still regulations to obtain for the assurance of the dedication within the club.

    • Dues are $20 (This is to cover the price of supplies)
    • Officers are expected to maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher 
    • 48 students at the maximum

    Yearly events are held called the coolest projects for young people. These events show the different projects that people have made.  Dojocons are also held every year, which is where volunteers get together and share their joys and learning.


    Potential Project Ideas

    Micro Board Ideas

    Sphero Ideas

    Internet of Things

    Instructable Ideas