• The goal of Henry County Schools is to ensure that every child reaches mastery in all areas. During each reporting period, there will be numerous opportunities for students to demonstrate mastery of the standards. Student achievement will be evaluated based on accuracy of classroom assignments, summative assessments, and special projects. Students will have their progress monitored towards mastery. Students and parents will receive feedback via the report card every grading period. Progress Reports are made available every 4 1/2 weeks. Parents are strongly encouraged to access the parent portal to have access to student progress electronically. 

     Students will have their progress monitored towards mastery of the standards using Standards Based Report Cards. The levels of progress a student may demonstrate during the course of the school year are defined as follows: 

    0 = Critical Need; students are not making progress towards meeting the standard.

    1 = Emerging; students require additional support and interventions to achieve the standards. 

    2 = Progressing; students are making progress towards but have not met the standard. 
    3 = Meets; students have met the expected goals for the grading period. 
    4 = Exceeds; student are beyond the expected level at that point in time relative to the standard. Due to nature of some standards, it may not be possible to exceed.
      *Grading Policy directly reflects the HCS Student Handbook. (2016-2017)