Welcome to Environmental Science

  • The Environmental Science curriculum is designed to take students through a study of interactions of organisms, people, and the world around us. The relationships that develop between organisms such as predator-prey, and plants and the organisms that feed on them is a key to understanding how ecosystems work. Man's impact on nature is hard to exaggerate, between destroying habitats to pollution, people affect almost every aspect of the environment.
    The units we will study are:
         - food webs, cycles, and biomes
         - climate change and biodiversity
         - renewable and nonrenewable resources
         - human impact on natural resources
         - human population impact
    Students will need a folder with notebook, pen or pencil, and colored pencils. My goal is to provide students with the necessary skills to have a richer knowledge base about the world around them. Students will observe and explore their world through the inquiry process with lab experiments and field work. 
    All class materials will be posted in Google classroom. Please review the current syllabus, or you can pick up a hard copy at school.