• grades





    Standards- Based Grading


    Students receive numeric grades in all academic subjects (reading, language arts, mathematics, science/health, and social studies). Grades in art, music, physical education, and written expression are reported as S, N, or U. The report card is made available every grading period. 

    Letter grades and numeric grades are defined as follows:

    S = Satisfactory N = Needs Improvement U = Unsatisfactory

    90–100 = A   80–89 = B    74–79 = C     70–73 = D     Below 70 = F

    ** Students will have multiple opportunities to show progress. Students will know and be able to explain learning targets, as well as, keep track of their own data.

    Weekly Communication

    Communication folders will be sent home on a consistent basis. These folders will contain graded assignments, upcoming learning targets, and behaviors updates. Please discuss these items in detail with your child. It is important for students to be able to engage in conversation about their behavior and academic progress.