• Expectations


    Daily attendance and promptness are very important to achieving our goals for this school year. School hours are 7:45-2:25 and students are expected to be at school every school day for the entire day. If your child is going to be absent please let me know as soon as possible. Once your student returns to school, you must send a written note with the date(s) of the absence, the reason for the absence, and the signature of the parent or doctor who treated the student. I cannot accept emails or text messages towards excused absences.



    We are happy to recognize student birthdays. However, becasue learning time is very important, no birthday parties may be held during the school day. You are welcome to eat lunch with your student and are permitted to bring food to school for you and your student.

    CIE's policy is that parents are NOT allowed to bring in treats/cupcakes for the whole class due to food allergies. 



    Daily folder: The daily folder is a communication between the school and the home. They are sent to school and returned every day.  Please place all money and notes inside this folder. Important flyers, information, and graded papers are sent home daily in this folder.

    Home-Fun folder: Home-Fun folders are filled with ideas to expand on what your student has learned in school. Students should read, practice math strategies and sight words daily.  This folder is filled with fun ways to encourage your student to practice their skills. Home-Fun folders go home on Fridays and should be returned on Thursdays.


     Transportation changes

    You MUST notify me in writing if there is a change in the way your child goes home. I cannot accept emails, text messages, or phone calls for transportation changes. For all transportation changes please include:

    * student's name * date * teacher's name * the change of transportation *parent's signature * phone number to reach parent during the day



    Please send money in a sealed envelope or baggie with the following infromation written on it:

    *studen'ts name * amount of money enclosed * purpose of the money (lunch money, ice cream, field trip, etc.) * teacher name and room number

    All money should be sent in the daily folder and not given to students. This helps reduce the likelihood of the money being lost or misappropriated.


    Volume Zones

    Zone 0: No talking (including but not limited to: hallways, bathrooms, assemblies, any common area, and other areas when directed by an adult)

    Zone 1: Whisper voice (including but not limited to: cafeteria, gym, media center, classroom, buses, or when directed by an adult)

    Zone 2: Conversational voice (classroom)

    Zone 3: Presenter voice (classroom)

    Zone 4: Outside voice (recess)