Behavior System

  • Dear Parents & Guardians,


    We are going to have a great school year! In order for this to happen, you and I will be working together! I need your help in making this year a successful year for your child! Behavior is very important in the classroom. A classroom can easily become chaotic without a good behavior system in place. I wanted to take this time to inform you about the behavior system we will be using this year. We will be using a clip chart to monitor the choices made in our classroom. The clip chart is divided into seven different color sections. Each day, your child will start in the middle on green, "Ready to Learn." Starting in the middle allows your child to move up or down depending on the choices they make. Good choices will allow them to move up, while poor choices will cause them to move down. Please note your child may not be able to move up every day. Moving up is intended for   behavior that goes above and beyond what is expected of them. Together, we will make a list of behaviors that will result in moving their clip up or down so that expectations are clear. What I love so much about this system is that your child has the opportunity to move up at any point in the day. For example, your child comes into the classroom and makes poor decisions to start out the day. Your child has the rest of the day to make good choices and move their clip back up to where they strated and even further up as well. I have attached an explanation of the seven levels of our clip chart. Your child will come home with their communication folder each night.You will find the level on which your child ended the day in their folder. Thank you and I look forward to this year. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions/concerns!


    Clip Chart