Anime Club

     Union Grove Middle is proud to announce that is will be hosting an anime club this year.  The club will be open to all grade levels and meetings will be held after school.  More details about the club will be coming soon.

     Club Purpose:

    The purpose of this club is to introduce anime to its members and provide a social atmosphere where anime lovers can dicuss, draw, and experience new kinds of anime.  As well as learning about Japanese culture and language.  This will be done by various games, activities, manga discussions, and character debates.  The club will also engage is movie watching and anime streaming with dicussions to follow.

    Club Rules:

    1. All animes must be school appropriate.  Submissions to watch must go through me for approval.

    2. The anime we watch will be voted on by members with tiebreakers being decided by the sponser.  

    3. Anime mmust be available by DVD or to stream online.  The website must be available on a website accessable through school wifi.

    4. No repeats in the school year.  We will only watch the first two episode, then move onto a different anime at the next meeting.


    Please submit animes you would like to watch to katherine.nealis@henry.k12.ga.us