• Welcome to 6th Grade


    Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year. I am very excited about our interactions and all that we will accomplish throughout this year. We will be navigating through the 6th grade ELA curriculum with an emphasis on reading, writing, and vocabulary. My expectation is for students to come to class every single day prepared to learn and succeed.


    Reading (#WoodlandReads)

    Reading is not an option! One of our goals to help students to succeed is to continuously read in order to expand their understanding of texts, engage in variety of writing styles, and broaden vocabulary. Students are expected to have an independent reading book of their choice in class daily. Students should also plan to read at least 20-30 minutes nightly. There will be a variety of independent reading assignments that will allow students to engage fully with their self-selected books. Throughout the year, students will be made aware of their Lexile (reading level) and will be expected to show growth from the beginning to the end of the year. Parents should interact with their student's reading regularly by asking questions like: How would the story be different if this chapter or scene was removed? What is the message the author is trying to convey to readers? Why do you think the author wrote this text?  

    Aside from independent reading, we will explore a variety of novels, short literary texts, and informational texts as we navigate the 6th grade ELA curriculum. Please review the 6th Grade ELA Georgia Standards of Excellence for more detailed insight on the standards we will cover throughout this year.



    Students will participate in responses to reading and weekly journal prompts. Responses will range from short to extended responses. Students will also progress through the writing curriculum as we develop skills in informational, argumentative, and narrative writing. The expectation is for students to come to class prepared to write daily.



    Students will navigate through the 6th grade ELA curriculum by acquiring and utilizing new vocabulary words that are both content-specific and meaningful to the curriculum. Students will be expected to utilize vocabulary words in class discussions and writing, as well as incorporate them into daily speech.



    Please check back at a later date for information


    Absence/Missing Work

    Daily attendance is imperative for academic success, however, I am aware that there are unfortunate events that may happen to cause students to miss school. Therefore, I ask that you practice responsibility by informing me of your absence beforehand (if possible) and/or request information about missing assignments. Please be sure to submit missing work in a timely manner. If a student is absent, please be sure to email me or see me on the day of return to receive missing assignments. See the WMS handbook for protocol as to when assignments are due as a result of absence.



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