Signing the Declaration of independence

American Government Classes

  • I will teach four American Government periods a day. This is a semester long class that splits the other semester with Econ. 

    American Government is designed to provide students with a comprehensive, intensive study of our nation’s system of government and how it came into being.  Students begin with a study of the concepts of government, earliest philosophies of government, founding documents, structure of our government, civil rights & liberties, and concepts of state & local government. Discussions, debates, and projects will be a key part of the class. We move beyond WHO, WHAT, WHEN and WHERE to answering HOW and WHY.

    Students will also be expected to keep a current events journal where they will select relevant news stories relating to class topics and analyze them. We will hold class discussions based on these topics.

    Topics include: types of government, founding documents, three branches of government, civil rights & liberties, campaigns & elections, and state & local government. All lessons and material will be posted online in Google Classroom. Students will check in each day through the Google Meet link for attendance and instruction.

    NOTE: This class curriculum is based on the Henry County Teaching & Learning Standards. All information covered in class is based on county and state standards. Any questions about what is taught in class can be directed to myself.


    Remind Codes By Period                               Quia Codes By Period

    Text to 81010                                                           

    @helfpd1                                                                            FBHC734

    @helfpd2                                                                            PTKGJ496

    @helfpd3                                                                            TBPXRF394

    @helfpd4                                                                            AGEBA969

    @helfpd5                                                                            XFEN396

    @helfpd6                                                                            EKKCRH477