Graduation 2018

Welcome to 9th Grade!

  • Click Here to navigate to the freshman focus website.

    The freshman focus website will hold all of the information about freshman focus throughout the school year including assignments, calendars, 9th grade general information, etc.  Please visit it frequently to make sure you are up to date on the latest freshman information.  Students, you will be using this site almost daily in your freshman focus classes, so you may want to bookmark it.


    What is freshman focus?

    Freshman focus is a class designed to help students transition from middle school to high school.  It is built into their schedule as an elective course.  During this time, students will explore how to build stronger study habits, have content specific review time, develop organizational skills, conference with their teachers about their grades and behavior, keep track of up coming assignments and work on them, and overal develop a greater sense of the 21st century learning skills.


    Will freshman focus count as a grade?

    Yes! Don't let assignments slip by without turning them in.  This course is a credit bearing course and will factor into your GPA.


    If I am concerned about my student's grades, can I contact their freshman focus teacher?

    Absolutely! If you are concerned about their grades in other classes, the teacher for that class needs to be contacted first.  However, if you are concerned your student may not be using their time wisely in freshman focus to study for their other courses, please feel free to contact their freshman focus teacher to see what is happening in there.


Last Modified on July 16, 2018