• Here are some suggestions on how parents are able to support their child's learning :


    Talk to your child about daily activities, trips and special events that happen in your child's life.

    Read to your child every day.

    Challenge your child to retell the stories using their own words. Talk about the beginning, middle and end of a story.

    Limit the time your child watches television.

    Teach your child to tie their own shoes.

    Teach your child their birth date, address and phone number.

    Sing songs and say nursery rhymes.

    Count objects together.

    Play rhyming words.

    Count to 100.

    Make simple patterns with toys, or household items.

    Encourage your child to wash, dress and take care of his/her basic needs.

    Talk about money; point out coins; practice naming them .

    Let your child play with play-dough.

    Do fun activities that involve coloring inside the lines and cutting with scissors.

    Allow your child to sort laundry or different items by color, size and shape.

    Try to identify the beginning sounds in simple, every day words.

    Provide rules that are fair and easy to understand; be consistent.

    Talk about shapes; around the house identify objects and talk about their shape.

    Identify the main body parts.

    Play games that teach simple concepts like: more, less, the same .