• Art Lessons will be posted on Google Classroom for all grade levels. Kindergarten through 2nd grade will also have their assignments posted on my website for those that cannot join google classroom. Also, if you are unable to upload your projects into Google Classroom, you will turn your projects to me when we return back to school. Have fun with these mini art lessons!

    The following will be the schedule for when assignments will be posted:

    Monday: 2nd grade and 1st grade

    Tuesday: 3rd grade and 2nd grade

    Wednesday: 4th grade and 3rd grade

    Thursday: 5th grade and 4th grade

    Friday: Kindergarten and 5th grade

    These are the following codes for Google Classroom, please find your class and sign up.

    • Ms. Woodward (3-5 Grades): f4ffqvd
    • Ms. Richards (3-5 Grades): a7yf62r
    • Ms. Bothwell (k-2 Grades): 3lxeuwp

    Kindergarten: (get projects here)

    • Ms. Hamrick: t5jxchu
    • Ms. Shelton: 4gtf4u6
    • Ms. Smith: 76glwnf
    • Ms. Turpin: bsyvdvl

    1st Grade: (get projects here)

    • Ms. Bachelor: kp5odmg
    • Ms. Manns: 4q7hwpc
    • Ms. Rutledge: v5pp7zy
    • Ms. Tullis-Johnson: osri5e4

    2nd Grade: (get projects here)

    • Mr. Brewton: oi6a6z4
    • Ms. Burroughs: hfqvs4q
    • Ms. Fleetwood: j4hcvpe
    • Ms. Richardson: xns73no
    • Ms. Wade: auzvgla

    3rd Grade:

    • Mr. Atkins: xuv2lsn
    • Ms. Banks: foiixai
    • Ms. Butts: zmu4prf
    • Ms. Jordan: 3fnfg2y
    • Ms. Nelms: incguo2

    4th Grade:

    • Ms. Barkley: cfwhbr3
    • Ms. Majors: 6hrgu2j
    • Ms. Scott: lnpwje5
    • Ms. Shumate: 7bauvlx
    • Ms. Williamson: zxzqpv5

    5th Grade:

    • Ms. Dinkins: jdjvgar
    • Ms. Evans: cdipkub
    • Ms. Gray: mnn3nh5
    • Ms. Reeves: izyzlnb

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

    Monday through Friday between 8:00-3:00

    email: melissa.cohowcz@henry.k12.ga.us


    Google Classroom