Senior Letters

    Please contact all of your family, friends, and important people in your student's life and have them send you letters, cards, or postcards to graduating seniors, congratulating them, expressing their love and “proudness” of them, telling them how they’ve impacted their lives, giving them “life” advice, etc.

    You gather them together (bundling them makes sorting easier), make sure your student's full name is on all the envelopes, and turn them in here to OHS. These letters will be put together in a large envelope and given to them at the Senior Picnic on Monday May 16th.  Please try to avoid bulky gifts or extras to the letters as it all needs to fit in their envelope to make sorting/distribution as easy as possible.

    There will be collection boxes in the main office for the parents to turn in letters. Students can also turn in letters in Mrs. Gardner’s room (221).

    Let's make this a special time for your student!!

    Deadline to turn in Senior Letters: Wednesday, May 11th

    Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have @ emily.gardner@henry.k12.ga.us