Ms. Amy Parham, Mathematics Teacher

  • Why Ms. Parham? Ms. Parham is not only consistently a professional and courteous colleague, but she works hard to engage her students in incredibly rigorous work. Ms. Parham implements flexible pacing in her class which allows students to master work in a time frame that works for them. Her students can move forward, go back, and receive more instruction from Ms. Parham or other students as needed. She encourages her students to be advocates for themselves to ensure that they are ready to work hard and get help when they need it in life after high school.
    P.S. Ms. Parham is even doing this in her Honors Analytic Geometry class, a GA Milestones course. ;)
  • What Ms. Parham's students have to say:
    "I love the flexible pacing. We are able to move fluidly within units. Ms. Parham is easy to talk to and makes it easy to understand the concepts, especially through her direct instruction."
    "She already has the entire unit planned out so you can get ahead. If you get behind, you can catch up easily. I like the energy  she brings to the classroom. You never come here and get bored. I usually don’t like math, but I look forward to this class."
    "I like how in the beginning of each subject, she goes through the notes and makes sure that we understand, and then she gives us a checklist and we get to go at our own pace. Everything’s really organized and we can choose what we want to do to add up to the points we need."